did you fall from heaven bc so did satan

I told you, I’m the worst.

Actually no, you said that I was the worst and that I was lucky to get you.

Yeah, about that -

No, don’t apologize, it was a great speech. It was funny and true and mean. My favourite kind.

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You’re the Worst - pilot

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Title: I Wanna Be Yours
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Played: 439 times


i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys

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Title: Animals
Artist: Muse
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favourite band challenge: day 1- favourite song(s) [15/?]
Out of control
We’re out of control
Crush those who beg at your feet

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It’s a big step for both of these characters because they’ve been dancing around each other since Episode 3. So, basically for 43 episodes, they have had this connection. What’s most important is, they’re finally acknowledging it. They’ve never really acknowledged it to each other. They’ve always talked around it, and they came really close in 2.06, Oliver came really, really close, but he was always speaking obtuse. And then at the end of Season 2, he was, ‘you know we both sold it’, again very obtuse. Now we’re finally getting to it. (x)

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"Yo, yo, yo, 1, 4, 8, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch? Leave it at the tone!"

Let me be the portable heater

That you’ll get cold without